Our Objectives

Tyne Social Community CIC
  1. Run focus groups that enable BAME communities to advocate issues that matter to them.
  2. Deliver training workshops that raise awareness to issues affecting our target group i.e. Mental Health Awareness, physical activity promotion through football clubs, health cooking lessons, stroke and diabetes surgeries, self-employment surgeries and walking clubs.
  3. Link our target group with mainstream community organisations to promote integration.
  4. Promote community engagement through collaborating activities with the local communities.
  5. Bridge the gap between those experiencing social exclusion and those who may engage in excluding others.
  6. To promote positive inclusive communities and community participation between those living with sensory needs and their everyday community. We do this by facilitating social and creative pursuits and providing community education which promotes harmony and the lessening of conflict between young people by eliminating discrimination and promoting diversity in society.
  7. To gain and retain the support and trust of potential and existing charitable donors with the clear intention and firm commitment to utilise all resources in a manner which maximises the benefits we offer and deliver to our community.


Announcements and Events

Call us: +44 7476 762793

Email: info@tynesocialcommunitycic.org


Greenesfield Business Centre, Mulgrave Terrace, Gateshead NE8 1PQ

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM / Sundays closed

With Support from

Tyne Social Community CIC is supported by Community Fund
Tyne Social Community CIC is supported by Gatehead Council
Tyne Social Community CIC is supported by Gatehead Council
Tyne Social Community CIC is supported by NHS